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Bellaire House podcast interview on Aime

Listen to Kristin Lee discuss the show on the Aimee Keeps It Creepy Podcast



Six ladies striving to learn more about metaphysics and paranormal activity will move into Ohio’s infamous haunted Bellaire House for seven days and seven nights under the mentorship of Kristin Lee, founder & owner of the Bellaire House Afterlife Research Center. The paranormal apprentices will be given daily metaphysical & paranormal instruction and challenges. (Including some life changing ghost hunts and seances!) At the same time, they must navigate living with the unpredicted energies that haunt the Bellaire House. Who will make it to graduation



Alex Herrmann

Jamie Childs


Ally Cohen

Jade Hainer

Katanna Clarke

Kaydi Davis


Bellaire House has been called the most haunted house in America. It has been featured on Travel Channel, Destination America, Lifetime, A&E and BIO and is a favorite destination for paranormal investigators. The house was built by Jacob Heatherington in 1847, who also owned a coal mine that ran directly beneath the property. When Jacob died, he left the home to his grand children, Eliza and Edwin. Soon afterwards, Eliza died of a heart attack in the living room of the house. Distraught, Edwin reached out to mediums to try to communicate with his sister. Legend claims that Edwin may have opened several portals to the “other side,” allowing ghosts and demons to pass through. It is also rumored that the house sits next to Native American burial graves. No one has been able to close these portals in the house and it is known to be haunted by a multitude of spirits.

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As the owner of the famous Bellaire House in Ohio, Kristin Lee is a profound psychic medium. Her advisory style embraces many multi-culturally diverse, helping people with various life obstacles. As a metaphysician, she helps families when it comes to balancing and overcoming their traumatic paranormal experiences.


Kristin is a master level mental health professional who works with families and their children to help them overcome paranormal issues. Her work encompasses how social psychology and behavioral science correlates to the supernatural or paranormal investigators, psychic mediums, empaths, and families who are suffering from paranormal activity. She also studies and applies a higher intellectual source of communication, a multi-dimensional source of communication, how metaphysics coincides with physics, and the physiological effect of the human body while one investigates the unknown.


Kristin Lee is also an accomplished paranormal investigator, aligning herself with the most respected influencers in the industry. With this, she dedicates her afterlife studies to data collection principally with her property, the supernaturally intensified Bellaire House. Her research skills are applied organically and scholastically while infusing a metaphysical component, lifting it to a holistically professional level.


With all of this, Kristin Lee is a published author of two books titled “1699 Belmont Street” & “Paranormal Confessions" with a third one coming soon! Kristin Lee has appeared on the Bio Channel, A&E, Destination America, Travel Channel, and Lifetime Television on behalf of the haunted Bellaire House.


Aimee Brooks is a writer, director, independent filmmaker, media contributor and host of the podcast Aimee Keeps It Creepy. She is best known for her work in horror films.


Aimee began her career in the entertainment industry as an actress working with Hollywood elite such as Mel Gibson, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio. She has starred in over 100 episodes of television including as a cast member on Days of Our Lives. While starring in numerous horror films, Aimee developed a particular fondness for the genre. 


During production of the Aimee Keeps It Creepy podcast at some of the most haunted places in the world, astonishing EVP’s and ghostly phenomena have been filmed and recorded to the shock of Aimee and her crew. Aimee now refers to herself as an accidental ghost hunter and is a believer in the unbelievable.